Mosquitoes vs. Clothing

Have you ever been sitting outside and suddenly mosquitoes appear from seemingly out of nowhere and begin biting you? If you find yourself getting attacked and coming into the home with mosquito bites up under your clothes, you may be wondering if mosquitoes are actually biting through your clothing.

If you have questions about whether or not mosquitoes can bite through clothing, we have answers.

Some Shocking News

When it comes to mosquitoes and clothing the news is a bit shocking. You may find yourself thinking that mosquitoes are so small they wouldn’t possibly be able to buy through clothing such as a T-shirt or pants. However, mosquitoes are able to bite through clothing.

There are certain fabrics that are a lot easier for mosquitoes to penetrate than others, so you may well find yourself coming into the home with mosquito bites even though you were covered from head to toe. Mosquitoes prefer going after skin that is already exposed, but the skin that is covered by your clothing is just as good for them.

Fabric Matters

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The fabric of your clothing matters immensely if you’re trying to avoid getting bitten by mosquitoes. Mosquito treatment in Mobile makes it less necessary to worry about your clothing, but it’s still essential to know what to wear and what not to wear.

Thicker clothing is always a better option when you want to be protected from bites of all kinds, including mosquito bites. There are also some fabrics that you should avoid wearing outside altogether if you have a mosquito problem.

·    Silk

·    Linen

·    Spandex

·    Thin cotton

·    Rayon

Mosquitoes can get out of control quickly and cause a lot of grief and itchiness. If you’re ready to take on these pesky little insects, it’s time to consider measures aside from the clothing that you wear.