Good Janitorial Work If You Can Get It

If you can get it. Well, there is every good prospect that you could. Janitorial services in Des Moines, IA is very much in demand. It would, however, be churlish to suggest that there are good reasons for this. Because as you well know, these are not exactly good times. Putting it mildly. Far from it. Many people have lost their jobs. That’s because many small to medium sized businesses were either forced to shut their doors or make drastic cuts to their already challenged budgets.

And of those drastic cuts that were made, as has sadly always been the case in days gone by, the jobs were always the first to go. And jobs go a lot quicker these days. This has nothing to do with COVID but more to do with new technologies. Could robots act as janitors. Yes. Indeed, in some parts of the world, this dare has already been attempted. But there is still something lacking in these robotic janitors.

Janitorial services in Des Moines, IA

These things may well have intelligence but they are still not human. Their intelligence is artificial and they are not as clever as they are made out to be. They still cannot perform the tasks that humans attempt each and every day of their lives. They lack humanity. They lack the personal touch. This of course is something that the professional and dedicated janitor has by the bucket load. And the brooms and mops too.

And these days too; steam cleaners. Steam cleaners that can literally climb up walls and clean them, curtains and very badly soiled floors too. So, do you want to work as a janitor? Why not give it a try? You’re not about to lose your job to a robot.